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A Massachusetts state police officer chases away motorists on Lynnway who tried to reach the driveway on Saturday - through a Starbucks. A line of more than 30 cars spilled into the Starbucks parking lot Saturday afternoon as people waited at the drive-through window to order.

The number of cars parked on Lynnway was too much for the State Police officers who were distributing the route. Customers were asked to stay within an orange line in front of the launch window. A sign instructed visitors not to touch or lean against the counter, but customers did.

Ashley, from Lynn, said she thought she would join the queue to order an ice-cold soda drink. Most customers seemed to understand each other quickly, but one man, who was tied to a telephone line, complained about the number of people in front of him and his wife.

It was not clear if the coffee was hot when it hit her lips, but she had no line. The cafe closed its counter service for customers and turned the queue - although windows - into a test of patience, where it will turn into another queue for a ride through the window. They said they plan to close and reopen on Sunday when the ban on eating while on duty is lifted.

He said he had not yet received reports of long lines or large groups gathering outside the restaurant to take orders. Kelly said the Revere restaurant will maintain its delivery service and that its other locations are still open for deliveries to other parts of the state as well as Boston. Arrigo said the indefinite ban on takeaways and catering only applies to restaurants on Revere's beach boulevard, with the exception of restaurants in Revere.

Mayor Brian Arrigo of Revere used Saturday to use a bullhorn to warn the crowd of the COVID-19 pandemic on Reverse Beach. It's not a normal day, it's not a normal time, and we just have to do everything we can, "said the city's mayor, Brian Ar Rigo, who took a city bus to the beach on Saturday afternoon and used a bullhorn to warn the crowds of the outbreak.

At Sullivan's on Castle Island, customers order at the restaurant and then pick up the food from the staff who prepare the food outside. But that option didn't help John and Karen Ryle, who drove to Sullivan in the hope of ordering scallops and fish and chips but were turned away. After 40 minutes of waiting, the journey was over - through closed windows and they had to wait.

The next door neighbor to the restaurant is a residential facility, and relatives live there through a window. Since the quarantine came into effect on Thursday, people have gathered outside Kelly's to visit relatives living there and look through the windows. Michael said Crush, which offers free slices to anyone who is hungry or has fallen on hard times, is trying to keep up with unpredictable fluctuations in demand. That's what comes with it, "he said with a smile on his face and a relieved look in his eyes.

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